A page from one of Drake's childhood notebooks is being sold for thousands of dollars online.

The note, which is undated, includes a bio written the aspiring rapper, real name Aubrey Drake Graham, and gives a rare glimpse into the star's early years.

Memorabilia company Moments in Time have listed the one-of-a-kind item online with a retail price of $7,500 (£5,722).

In a copy of the artefact, which was obtained by TMZ, the Hotline Bling hitmaker lists his hobbies and interests, and the piece confirms that, even during his youth, he knew that music was his passion.

"Must mention: Aubrey sings, raps, and acts," the handwritten note begins. "Aubrey enjoys playing basketball, writing music, shopping, shopping and Aubrey lives for music."

He goes on to reference his idols, including Will Smith, Usher and Jay Z, and gives a shout out to his father: "Dad was in a blues band and when allowed, I would watch him play and sometimes get up and sing."

On the other side of the page is a sweet note from the One Dance singer to his mother, in which he promises to clean his room and signs his signature below.

In a different script, someone also wrote further down the page, "In order to receive 8:15 am rides this week - room must be clean + bathroom must be clean AS PROMISED FRI JAN. 18th!!!"

The extremely personal page is taken from the In My Feelings hitmaker's old rhyme book, which was found in a dumpster near the star's grandfather's old furniture factory in Toronto, where the rapper, now 32, used to work.

TMZ reported back in February (19) that further pages from the book had been sold for as much as $32,500 (£24,775).