There are certain places in the world that will forever be associated with a particular person or event: Buenos Aires will ever be the beating heart of long-deceased First Lady Eva Peron; Abraham Lincoln is the eternal soul of Washington, DC. For Las Vegas, this special someone is one of the greatest entertainers of all time: the legendary Frank Sinatra.

With style, swing, and a voice that could make anyone swoon, the late Sinatra shaped the City of Sin into all that it is today: glamorous, glitzy, and home and host to some of the most talented figures in the music industry.
A transformative touch Las Vegas began long ago, as a dusty desert town in the middle of nowhere. With little to recommend it and nothing to do, it’s no surprise that it was quiet, uninspiring, and extremely lacking in visitors.

Frank Sinatra helped to change this. Although it might not be fair to lay the praise for its dazzling transformation solely at his feet, it was the King of the Rat Pack who turned it into the entertainment mecca it is today – and this is not a legacy the city has ever forgotten.

It was in 1941 that an uncredited Sinatra first made his big screen debut. Starring in Paramount feature Las Vegas Nights, the crooner was painfully skinny, gauche, and awkward. The famous Strip was doing little better in the way of star quality, being no more than a stretch of Highway 91, with a single hotel resort to mark it out as something special.

10 years later, the story was a very different one. Sinatra was a seasoned solo artist – one who was making a headlining appearance at the city’s Desert Inn, and Vegas itself was well on the way to becoming the dazzling destination we see today.

So how exactly is it that Sinatra helped to turn the City of Sin into something special? The answer lies in the four decades long love affair between the man who would become Chairman of the Board and Las Vegas itself.

It was Sinatra who helped the city to earn its reputation as a sophisticated adult playground. Playing at venues throughout the Strip, from the Sands to the Sahara, Riviera, Golden Nugget, and Caesars Palace, the legendary crooner brought style, swing, and swagger to Vegas, making it the place to be for anyone who was anyone.

It was thanks to his impeccable blend of showmanship that it became known as an entertainment capital – a place devoted to pure enjoyment. Showcasing not only the greatest musical talent of the era, but the many other delights that have come to define the city, Sinatra drew people in, and Vegas did the rest.

This is a legacy we still see in evidence today. With Vegas remaining the casino capital of the world, it acts as the very heart of the gambling industry, which has now expanded its reach from America, all the way across to places like Japan and New Zealand, where people can play both in casinos and online, and where directory sites like Bonus Source are filled with dozens of different providers for would-be betters to visit.

Vegas has remained, too, the entertainment capital of the world, with its most famous venues and resorts attracting everyone from Cher through to Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, and more, with thousands buying tickets and selling out each packed performance.

We imagine that’s exactly the sort of legacy this musical megastar would have wanted to leave behind.