Dolly Parton credits the "good men" in her family for helping her keep music industry snakes at a distance.

The country music queen tells the BBC she has never slept with anyone she didn't want to sleep with in order to make it to the top - and she thanks her father, uncles and grandpas for showing her how men are supposed to act from an early age.

"Being brought up in a family with six brothers and my dad and being very close to my uncles and my grandpas and knowing men... There were some bad ones (too) - chauvinists - but, for the most part, they were good people, and so I just really know the nature of men and so I was always able to kinda communicate with them.

"Of course I've been hit on, but I've hit on a few people myself... I've never slept with anybody I didn't want to sleep with, never did anything to try to get to the top, and if things got out of hand I've always been able to handle myself."

Parton is a big fan of the #MeToo movement against harassment, but warns young wannabes they don't have to do things they don't want to to get to the top.

"We all have to work with people when you're starting out, you have to compromise to a degree to get things done," she explains, "but you don't need to ever compromise yourself nor your integrity or your principles or your value."

Dolly was in London last week, promoting the launch of her 9 to 5 musical on the West End stage.