Avril Lavigne has revealed her faith helped her through her battle with Lyme disease and inspired her new album.

The What The Hell singer took an extended break following the release of her self-titled Avril Lavigne collection in 2013, as she battled a series of health complications after contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite.

Avril suggested that being bed-ridden for months helped to strengthen her spirituality.

"(I have my) own personal relationship with God," the 34-year-old told USA Today. "I'm not a crazy Bible-thumper, but I do have faith."

The star, who reached number 2 on Billboard's Hot Christian Songs chart with her comeback hit Head Above Water, went on to speak about the significance of her Christian upbringing.

"I loved that," she laughed when asked about the song's chart position. "But I’m not surprised because that’s where I got my start and how it all began. I grew up in a small town (in Ontario, Canada) singing in church, so it made me very happy. And needless to say, it made my parents very happy, too."

Ahead of the new album's release, the Canadian artist opened up about how her faith influenced her new musical direction.

"Music has been more healing than ever for me," the Sk8er Boi hitmaker shared. "I was at a point where I wasn't sure whether I'd be working or even doing music again, and then I started writing songs from my bedroom. Head Above Water and Warrior were the first two songs that I wrote, and then they just kept coming.

"It was cool for me to see because it showed me that music is such a big part of who I am without even thinking about it or trying to make a record," she reflected.