John Legend is learning how to swim at the age of 40.

The Ordinary People hitmaker revealed to his fans on Twitter on Monday evening (28Jan19) that he had taken his first swimming lesson in 35 years and was committed to learning how to swim.

"I can't really swim. Today I took my first swim lesson since I was like 5. My dad learned in his 60's so I feel like I'm ahead of schedule (sic)," he tweeted.

One fan asked if he was learning alongside his children Luna, two, and Miles, eight months, and John explained that they had started lessons before him, writing, "They already started months ago!"

Another user made reference to his All of Me music video, in which John and his wife Chrissy Teigen swim underwater in a pool, and asked, "So what happened when your head was under water? Did you breathe fine? Was it all a lie?!" and the star replied, "All. Lies. Hahaha."

Social media community AfroSwimmers, founded by Noelle F. Singleton, shared his tweet on Instagram and wrote, "It is NEVER too late to learn to swim... @johnlegend you just gave me another reason to love you! I love it when celebrities use their platforms to remind us all that they are regular people with gifts...just like you. Send us those videos John."

They also sent the singer a tweet praising him for sharing his candid post and helping ignite "a discussion that needs to be more prevalent in our communities." The comment refers to recent reports stating that African-American children have fewer opportunities to learn how to swim than their white counterparts, with many U.S. authorities often offering splash parks over pools in African-American neighbourhoods.

Officials at the group also work to eliminate the stereotype that African-Americans don't want to swim because they can't float, are scared of water and don't want to get their hair wet.