Representatives for country star Miranda Lambert have warned fans not to fall for fraudsters soliciting money online.

The Vice singer's devotees have become the latest to be targeted by cyber criminals, with people setting up fake social media accounts and posing as Miranda to convince followers to send her funds, so her team has taken to Twitter to urge supporters to be vigilant.

"Be aware there are lots of scammers on the internet that create fake accounts, pretend to be Miranda, and ask for money," read a message posted on Tuesday (15Jan19).

"Miranda does NOT have any private accounts. She will NEVER privately message you to ask for money or gift cards."

Members of her team went on to list each of the actual social media pages belonging to Lambert, and told fans to be weary of any account which did not boast the "verified check marks" proving it's official.

The Twitter warning emerges a month after a South Carolina woman was revealed to have been scammed out of $160,000 (£126,000) by a con artist posing as fellow country singer Dierks Bentley.

Representatives for pop star Sia also recently had to apologise to fans after discovering she had an impersonator on a variety of social networks.

"The only place Sia occasionally posts is here on Twitter," her team tweeted in November (18). "We're sorry for any anxiety or distress these imposters (sic) have caused any of you. Be careful out there and have an amazing holiday season."

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt and Thor actor Idris Elba have also previously hit out at scammers trying to con cash out of unsuspecting fans.