Bebe Rexha has vowed to always have control over her music and appearance.

The singer-songwriter has penned hits for the likes of Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas and Eminem, as well as had huge success with 2017 tune Meant to Be, which featured vocals from country duo Florida Georgia Line.

While the music industry is notoriously difficult to navigate for young women, Bebe has now opened up about how she made it her mission from the beginning to stay true to her beliefs.

"If I were ever put in a situation where I felt like I didn't have creative control, then I just left no matter how big the person was," she told Euphoria magazine. "If I'm in a situation where there's no collaborative effort and someone tells me what to do, I'm out. I've been in really weird situations where I've looked like an idiot having walked away from a really big producer because I wouldn't have them tell me who I need to be."

Bebe went on to recall how music producers tried to pigeonhole her as just a songwriter when she first moved to Los Angeles.

However, she is pleased she stuck to her guns and continued to write and perform, singling out the popularity of Meant to Be as proof that it is possible to do both.

"I think Meant to Be is one of those very special situations - not to be corny about it - but it was written in the stars. It's just so different (and) unexpected, and I think the best things in life are unexpected. I didn't see Meant to Be having the success it did. I knew it was a special song, but I didn't think it would be that big," the 29-year-old smiled.

Bebe released her debut studio album Expectations in June (18) and has received a nomination for Best New Artist at the upcoming Grammy Awards, as well as a nod with Florida Georgia Line for their joint track.