Jennifer Lopez's mum was hit in the head by fans scrambling to get an autograph from the singer on Wednesday (12Dec18).

The actress was swarmed by fans when she arrived outside Sirius Radio in New York to promote her new movie Second Act on Wednesday. As the singer made her way through the chaotic crowd, signing autographs for fans, her mother Guadalupe followed behind and was accidentally hit in the head by an autograph hunter holding a photograph on a clipboard.

Video footage shows Guadalupe holding the right side of her head with her hand as Jennifer stops signing and looks concerned about her mother. The security guards then create a wider path through the crowd as Jennifer and Guadalupe head inside, with Jennifer placing her arm around her mum's shoulders as she guides her through the chaos, shaking her head as she goes.

That's not the only close fan encounter Jennifer has had during her publicity tour for Second Act. On Tuesday, she headed to the AMC Bay Plaza 13 cinema in the Bronx, New York, where she grew up, to surprise fans watching an advanced screening of the movie, and as she hugged fans and posed for selfies, one man took the bold move of going in for a kiss on the cheek.

Jennifer, who laughed off the encounter, explained to Entertainment Tonight why she picked the venue.

"We are going to do a surprise everybody! We're in the Bronx, this is where I used to go to the movies!" she said. "I think people know that I kind of take that Bronx flag with me wherever I go, that Jenny from the block, that's just who I am. So whenever I get to come back here and bring what I do and show it and share it, it just has a little bit of a nostalgic, cozy, fuzzy feeling for me."

She was joined by boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and co-stars Leah Remini, Treat Williams and Vanessa Hudgens.