Cheryl is reportedly keen to keep her close friendship with ex Liam Payne even when he finds a new girlfriend.

The former couple called it quits in July after more than two years of dating, but have remained tight for their son 20-month-old son Bear.

And sources who know Cheryl, who has recently made her musical comeback, say she’s determined not to lose that closeness.

“Liam’s been Cheryl’s rock over the past few weeks and it’s proved to her just how much she’s come to rely on him,” a source told Britain’s Closer magazine. “Right now, she can call and text him any time she likes, but she knows that as soon as he gets a steady girlfriend, their relationship dynamic will change, and naturally, Liam may start to distance himself from her, which she’s scared of.”

To make sure they stay on great terms, the 35-year-old singer has been making the effort with his family.

Liam’s sister Ruth even cheered Cheryl on when she took to the stage for her first arena show in four years last month (Nov18).

“Cheryl’s been making an extra effort with Liam’s family to ensure she stays close to his entire network,” the insider said. “She’s been sending them regular snaps and videos of Bear, is being flexible when it comes to Liam spending time with his son and is even inviting Liam and his family to spend Christmas with them.

“She refuses to let anything affect their friendship, not even a future girlfriend. She’s adamant she won’t lose Liam to another woman. She’ll be happy for him, but she’s not going to allow it to jeopardise what they have.”