Emma Bunton's children inspired the singer to sign up for the Spice Girls reunion tour, because they have never seen her perform with the iconic girl group.

Last month (Nov18), the Wannabe hitmakers, minus original member Victoria Beckham, confirmed plans to hit the road for a 2019 U.K. tour, more than two decades after the band first burst onto the scene.

Emma, aka Baby Spice, admits her two young boys are the driving force behind her decision to embark on a new Spice Girls trek, and she hopes to wow 11-year-old Beau and seven-year-old Tate with mum's pop power.

"I'm so, so excited about going back on tour," she beamed on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America.

"I'm doing this because I love the girls and we have so much fun onstage, but I'm also doing it because my kids have never seen me perform with the Spice Girls, so I'm doing it for them," she added. "They get my mic out now and again, and they like singing, so they're gonna love the show, it's quite spectacular."

Emma's sons with fellow singer Jade Jones won't be the only special guests in the audience when the Spice Girls return to the spotlight next year - soul sensation Adele and actress Emma Stone have already vowed to attend the gigs, while Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie is also likely to be among the celebrity ticketholders after sharing her excitement about the tour with Emma on Tuesday (04Dec18), when their paths crossed backstage at the New York-based Good Morning America studios.

"Both I and Margot Robbie just met and we were both screaming!" Emma smiled. "She's wonderful, isn't she?

"She just said she used to dress up as Baby Spice, as me, so that's always really sweet to hear."