British singer Dua Lipa has criticised the way history erases women's stories.

The One Kiss hitmaker has opened up about feminism and body image in her cover interview for the January issue of British Vogue. Dua, who is pictured on the cover in a stunning white feather trimmed-gown, and inside the publication wearing a revealing bejewelled gown, criticised the way the accomplishments of women have been played down in the history books.

"Feminism to me is not man-hating, it's just being like 'we deserve the same opportunities'", she explained. "You hear so much about all these strong important men who have changed the world, even in history and the story of mankind, somehow the f**king story starts with: 'Well, the man did this.'"

The 23-year-old singer's comments come after she pledged last year (17) to use her platform as an artist to speak up about inequality and empower the younger generation.

Dua, who was named Variety Hitmakers’ breakthrough artist of the year earlier this week, also shared how she combats negative feelings about herself.

"I do feel quite confident in my body, there’s always going to be something you don’t like, but its so much healthier to tell yourself two things you like about yourself every day," advised the IDGAF singer. "I go, 'You know what, my skin’s great. I’m not going to wear make-up', rather than, 'You’ve had pasta every night this week'."

The full interview can be read in Vogue’s January issue, out Friday (07Dec18).