Country superstar and fitness fanatic Tim McGraw will be kicking off the New Year by launching his first gym in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Live Like You Were Dying hitmaker first shared the news of his exercise endeavour back in August, 2017, when he announced plans to collaborate with bosses at the Snap Fitness franchise and launch the Trumav Signature Clubs, which he would help design with his longtime trainer, Roger Yuan.

Now Tim is preparing to open the flagship health club, co-owned by fitness entrepreneur and Nashville local Wirth Campbell, in January (19).

"Physical fitness is something I value," he previously shared in a statement. "It can help you lead your best life. Working out becomes a habit when it's an easy part of your every day.

"That's why I've partnered with Snap Fitness to create Trumav. We want to help you find what works for your fitness goals and give you a community that can inspire you to achieve them."

McGraw has become known for his fit physique since quitting alcohol in 2008, and would typically endure two workouts a day, exercising for two or even three hours each time.

Back in 2013, he told People magazine of his active lifestyle: "I do (the) elliptical. Or a treadmill. I will go back and forth between those two."

He also encouraged his touring bandmembers to join him for a good sweat when on the road: "On tour, I do that routine (elliptical or treadmill) in the morning and in the afternoon, I do a CrossFit (high intensity) routine and all the guys in the band do it with me," he explained. "It is two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Sometimes it gets into three hours because we are loving what we are doing."

However, the 51-year-old singer was forced to dial down his intense fitness sessions in March (18) after falling to his knees in the middle of his set at the Country to Country (C2C) music festival in Dublin, Ireland.

The concert was halted as McGraw received medical attention backstage, and his wife, singer Faith Hill, subsequently stepped out to apologise to fans, explaining the show had to be cut short as Tim was "super dehydrated". He has since fully recovered from the health scare.