Former Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams was horrified at the idea of flirting with a minister when she first crossed paths with her now-fiance, Pastor Chad Johnson.

The singer/actress became engaged to Johnson in March (18), a year after meeting at a Christian conference he was running in Arizona.

Michelle reveals a mutual friend, who had invited her to the meeting, suggested she and Johnson would make a good couple, but the Bootylicious hitmaker was not interested in trying to date a man of the cloth.

"His best friend's wife was like, 'Michelle, I think you and Chad would be so great for each other,'" she recalled. "I said, 'I did not come to flirt with the pastor!'"

Despite her initial objections, the pair did end up chatting and connecting, and the experience proved to be life-changing.

"It was amazing," she gushed on talk show GMA Day.

And Michelle believes they were meant to be, as the faith-based event was actually held in a small town that shared her last name.

"Isn't that cool? (It was in) Williams, and he got a Williams!" she laughed.

The couple has yet to reveal when it plans to tie the knot, but the husband and wife-to-be have already started marriage counselling to ensure their romance will last.

And Johnson has already passed one big test for Michelle, after standing by her side as she battled a deep depression earlier this year (18).

The singer suffered in silence until realising she really needed to seek professional help, and checked herself into a Los Angeles-area hospital, before beginning in-patient treatment in a mental health facility in July (18).

"I actually told him when he came to visit me in the hospital, I said, 'Babe, I will understand if you leave. I can go to bed at night knowing that you left because you were praying for a wife, but not a depressed one,'" she told breakfast show Good Morning America. "But he showed me in sickness and in health already, before marriage, (that he will support me)."