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Ivy Mae - Snakes & Ladders

Brimming with creativity, Ivy finesses a seamless transition from the fashion world into a perfectly envisioned modern pop starlet. Drawing influence from a host of British music icons, Ivy Mae utilises coy metaphor for her stance on modern love and the complexities involved. Essential synth pop.

PINEO & LOEB x Sparkee - Ghosts N Stuff Ft. Christiana

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of the iconic Deadmau5 original, PINEO & LOEB link with Sparkee for a cover that truly does it justice not straying too far from it, while injecting it with a fresh and funky energy. Utilising Sparkee’s signature “impossible” basslines, and a crisp vocal performance from Christiana, we get a new aperture on the original while giving it a new life of its own.

Taliwhoah - Run Along

With comparisons to current R&B heavyweights SZA and Solange, Taliwhoah draws from her British upbringing with a heavy dose of influence from soul legend Sade for a sound that walks the line between modern and retro. On Run Along, Taliwhoah takes the fresh and boundary-pushing production to a whole new atmosphere that realises her full potential to become an R&B household name very soon.

Lauran Hibberd - What Do Girls Want?

Citing Weezer as an influence, Isle of Wight native Lauran Hibberd triumphs on the gritty indie pop track What Do Girls Want? Spinning a tongue-in-cheek and honest narrative of the stigmatised mire of conventional attitudes, Lauran has plenty to say and she delivers her message with an inimitable finesse.

Rumours - Edges

London-based trio Rumours are one of those rare acts that can move from one genre to another without forfeiting an ounce of their distinct style. Edges is quintessential downtempo pop that does nought but whisk you away into a palpable chilled mood, filled with introspection and pensive thoughts. Soft murky production lays a firm foundation for the ethereal vocals to nestle in at the back of your mind.

Neovaii - Honeymoon

Electronic music is always being pushed and pulled in different directions by themes across the musical spectrum, and always maintaining an excitingingly intense level of pace that sometimes is hard to keep up with. U.S. based Neovaii is an artist worth keeping pace with however, and new album Horizon is the perfect reason why. Technically masterful and wildly inspired, he mixes so many styles together into his own calculated vision that doesn’t get held down by the boundaries of so called genre.