Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has jumped on America's voting bandwagon, urging his fans to get to the polls for the midterm elections next month (Nov18).

The Baby singer, who has been living in the U.S. since before his career took off, has taken to Twitter to encourage young people to vote on 6 November (18), insisting he would be right there with them if he could vote in the U.S.

"Living in the US I see how this country affects not only people here but all around the world," Bieber wrote. "There are so many things people need help with that I hope all of you who can get out and Vote and make your voices heard... I would if I could."

Bieber, who is still a Canadian citizen, isn't allowed to vote in the U.S.

Hours before his tweet was posted, the singer's longtime manager, Scooter Braun, revealed Justin and his mum Pattie Mallette were living in America illegally when he found success as a teenager.

Braun discovered Bieber on YouTube and invited him to Atlanta, Georgia to record some demos before he was signed to RBMG, a joint venture between Scooter and Usher.

"When I first struck out on my own, I was 24, and I had saved enough money to last me for 13 months," Scooter tells Variety. "I had Justin and his mom living illegally - don't tell Donald Trump this - in a townhouse under my name, I was paying all their bills."

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift recently got political on social media as she declared her support for Democrats in her adopted Tennessee. She also urged fans to get out and vote during her acceptance speech at the American Music Awards earlier this month (Oct18) and followed that appearance by returning to Twitter and encouraging her followers to register to vote early to make sure there weren't any hiccups on election day.