Little Mix wanted to speak to their LBGTQ fan base through their latest album.

The girl band - consisting of Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson - are gearing up to release their fifth studio album, LM5, next month (Nov18).

Opening up about the content, Jade has shared that she hopes the new music will resonate with a wide audience.

"We definitely had our LGBTQ fan base in mind when writing this album," the 25-year-old explained in an interview with Britain's Star magazine. "There are a couple of songs on there that are about loving yourself and there are a few references to being gay."

Little Mix have long been supporters of the gay community and even performed at iconic London nightclub G-A-Y. Jade went on to insist that it is "an honour" to have such a large following, and loves meeting the fans in person.

"Whenever I go on a gay night out, I tend to get a bit swamped, but everyone's lovely," she smiled. "It's really nice. It's like being around family and I think that's why I've sort of been drawn to that community a lot."

The four-piece also sought to represent and celebrate womanhood via LM5, kicking off the new record with a single called Woman Like Me in collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj.

Leigh-Anne added that Little Mix lapped up an opportunity to be "more ballsy" with their lyrics.

"I think it's exciting that we've got an all-female album with female collaborations. It's very much girl power," she smiled.