Cheryl is reportedly reconsidering the tone of her new music after her ex Liam Payne decided against sharing personal tracks.

Liam and Cheryl, who share 18-month-old son Bear, split earlier this year (18) after a two-year romance.

Former One Direction star Liam, 25, admitted he’d tweaked some of his new music to reflect his headspace after the shock split, but has since ditched the idea of releasing the heartfelt songs, leaving Cheryl unsure what to do about her own musical comeback.

“Cheryl’s been eager to maintain an amicable relationship with Liam, but her inner circle say she was also keen to put her side of the break-up across,” an insider told Britain's Closer magazine. “Especially after Liam admitted he tweaked songs after the split. But his recent admission felt confusing because he seemed to be saying he was in a different stage of life and maybe not wanting to focus on the split anymore.

“Cheryl wanted to get things off her chest a bit with the lyrics on her new album and she has found recording a therapeutic process. But with Liam hinting that he won’t be getting personal on his material, it’s blind-sided Cheryl a bit.”

The 35-year-old hasn’t released an album since 2014’s Only Human, but said in July that her fifth record is “pretty much finished”.

Producer Naughty Boy and her Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts were among her collaborators, but the source says Cheryl now doesn’t know what to do about the tracks detailing her split.

“Critics are always ready to pore over everything she puts out and it wouldn’t be good for her if she ended up looking as if she was the one who couldn’t move on from everything between them, while Liam seemed over it,” the insider said.