Today sees the latest episode of music show Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV premier online, with guests including former Oasis, Primal Scream and Happy Mondays manager Alan McGee. alongside Slaves, The Special’s Neville Staple, Black Honey, Trampolene, Anteros and Lacuna Bloome.

Hosted by Radio X presenter Gordon Smart, the 30-minute long episode includes an interview with music mogul Alan McGee who discussed plans for a film based on McGee’s autobiography (‘The Creation Records Story: Riots, Raves and Running a Label’) which has been written by author of Porno and Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh.

On the subject of casting for roles, McGee touched upon who’d play him in the film, suggesting Ewan Bremner, made famous for his starring role as Spud in Trainspotting, would be the perfect fit because he is ‘ugly’. McGee responded: “I feel bad about saying that about Ewan Bremner. It got taken out of context!”

While Ewan Bremner might be out of the picture, McGee was asked about the possibility of any of his previous bands or their family featuring in the film, such as Liam Gallagher’s sons Gene and Lennon. McGee said: “I’ve no idea. I think the producer, for Liam, wants open casting. All these Liam impersonators in Manchester! I don’t think the kids are gonna do it. We asked them, but no.”

The Musicians Against Homelessness patron was also asked about the impact of social media on the music industry and how his former bands, such as Oasis, Primal Scream and Happy Mondays, would have dealt with it if they were starting out now. McGee said: “I think they [Oasis, Primal Scream and Happy Mondays] would have worked it out. I think they would have understood the social media thing. I always think to myself, where would a band like Oasis would have went if they had the Internet behind them?”

McGee continued: “I think the people are so smart, your Noel Gallaghers, Gillespies, your Shaun Ryders, they would have adapted to the whole social media thing. And they would understand it. And then they intrinsically had the music anyway, all these three bands, especially Primal [Scream] and the Mondays, they were incredibly unique. Like Bummed is unique. Like Screamadeclica is unique. You know they were incredibly unique bands.

The native Glaswegian has recently returned to the music industry via founding Creation23, 34 years after he started the original Creation Records back in 1983, and was asked how the music industry has changed since. McGee said: “Well, it’s the best and worst thing - you could say a band to me and I could go on my phone, go to the toilet and get on my phone and go, I don’t like it, but that’s brilliant and it’s kind of s*** as well.

McGee added: “One of the reasons that Oasis got good is that they were left in Manchester for a long time. One of the reasons My Bloody Valentine got good is they were left to their own devices for some time. Primal Scream took six years to get good. Because they were underneath the radar. I don’t think anybody's underneath the radar now. It’s called YouTube.”

For the first time Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV took the show on the road and hit the coast to capture interviews and live performances by Brighton locals Black Honey, Welsh rockers Trampolene and indie-newcomers Lacuna Bloome at Brighton’s infamous music venue The Hope & Ruin.

Besides treating locals to a rip-roaring show including a full-blown stage invasion during Black Honey’s set, the trio of indie trailblazers took to Brighton Pier to battle it out on traditional amusement game, the Dolphin Derby, alongside host and guest compere Gordon Smart.

In addition, on the latest segment of What’s The Story, where bands play an intimate acoustic set and reveal-all about their muses, is four-piece pop dream outfit Anteros. Fresh from successful festival appearance at Reading and Leeds Festival, and releasing a video for new single ‘Call Your Dream’, the bands chatted about forming the band, recording their debut album in a secluded barn and how their musical influencers have led to their unique sound.

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