Gambling is a fun activity and celebrities seem to enjoy it even more than the ordinary people. Famous musicians can be seen enjoying their time at the high-limit Poker or Blackjack tables even when they are not in Las Vegas. Legendary artists have interesting stories about their gambling adventures and we are about to share them with you.

Sean “P Diddy” Combs
The well-known hip-hop artist P Diddy is a man of many talents. Aside from his achievements in the music industry, he seems to be a fan of Blackjack. And even more than that, he is quite good at it. Back in 2002, Harrah’s Atlantic City brought a new selection of Blackjack tables placed right by the pool. Sean Combs was invited to perform at the opening ceremony. He then placed the very first bet and turned out to be a talented player.

Harry Styles
Blackjack seems to be the stars’ favourite. Former One Direction member Harry Styles loves and he was even escorted from a casino in Las Vegas when he did not have the legal age to gamble. This happened back in 2012 and he was in the company of the other band members, none of which was 21. Therefore, they were all asked to leave.

Cee-Lo Green
Thomas DeCarloCallaways hasn’t been seen betting huge amounts in land-based or

NetEnt casinos, but his choice of stage name gives away his passion for gambling. Cee-Lo is the name of a game played with three six-sided dice. The rules of the game vary from one place to another but it’s pretty simple: you need to place a wager on the points and roll the dice.

Frank Sinatra
There are some little-known things about the famous Frank Sinatra and his passion for gambling is one of those things. Not only did he enjoy his time in casinos, but he also used to unleash his temper on casino employees. He even picked a fight with the manager of Sands Casino in Las Vegas, Carl Cohen, and threw a handful of chips into his face back in 1967.
Be it Blackjack or Poker, or even Cee-Lo, the four celebrities had a soft spot for gambling. With a lot of money at their disposal and ready to show off their skills, these musicians really knew how to have fun.

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