Charli XCX prefers being the support act because she's "too offensive" to be the main event.

The Boom Clap singer has been serving as the opening act on Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour since May (18), but she isn't planning on upgrading to her own main slot any time soon.

"I've never really been a commercial person in the way I am, look and what I wear. I am probably offending someone by saying the wrong thing," she told Britain's Metro newspaper. "If I was prime centre I would be too offensive. I feel like I get to do things on my own terms, which I wouldn't change for the world."

Charli further shared that another plus side to being an opening act is only having to perform for about half an hour while Taylor is on stage for more than two, meaning the Brit is able to get by if she's been partying the night before.

"There's two different types of hangover. The one where things are OK... you feel a bit floaty and dreamy, but you can get by," she explained, adding that at the end of the show she has "a glass of champagne in the evening to celebrate - well done you survived!"

"But if it is one of those hangovers where it is like, 'Game over', I will just sit in a dark room all day and not talk to anyone, let 24 hours go by and re-emerge as a little goblin,” she added.

The 26-year-old also doesn’t want the hassle of constant media attention, like Taylor has to battle on a daily basis.

"I am lucky I don't have to deal with that, because no one really cares about that s**t with me," Charli added. "Which is great, because it is really messy and I wouldn't want everybody knowing my s**t."

Charli and Taylor were joined by second opening act, Camila Cabello, for the European and North American treks, which concluded in Texas over the weekend (06-07Oct18). The Break the Rules star will continue supporting Taylor when the tour resumes Down Under later in October.