Cheryl is refusing to to be painted as the “baddy” in the wake of her split from Liam Payne.

Last week (end30Sep18), it was claimed that Cheryl is planning to spill the beans on her break-up from Liam in her comeback single Love Made Me Do.

In leaked lyrics from the track, Cheryl describes herself as a “sucker who falls in love” with “every f**cker”, borne out of frustration with how she feels she's been represented.

“Friends know she’s frustrated over how she’s often been portrayed as the 'baddy' in the wake of her split with him – and was even blamed by online trolls as the cause of their break-up,” a source told Closer magazine. “While she usually remains tight-lipped on her personal life, Cheryl’s felt compelled to set the record straight. She’s told pals that producing music was a form of therapy for her... and that writing tracks has helped her deal with a lot of the hurt and frustration.”

Cheryl, 35, and 25-year-old Liam announced they were parting ways in July after nearly two years of dating, confirming the news in joint statements posted to their Twitter accounts in which they admitted their new focus was their 18-month-old son Bear’s wellbeing.

According to reports, the former Girls Aloud star became frustrated with Liam’s “single man behaviour” after he was accused by fans of being too flirtatious with For You collaborator Rita Ora.

“She’d never want to get into a public slanging match with him but feels its only fair to address her anger and disappointment at the way things turned out,” continued the source. “She’s hoping that expressing any negative emotions through their songs will be a healing process and help them both move on.”

The pair are both in a race to release music which addresses their relationship difficulties, with Liam announcing in August that he was reworking his debut solo album in the wake of the split, and his new music will detail his bedroom antics.

However, a rush-released EP by the former One Direction star looks set to flop as it failed to make an impression on the U.K. charts.