Singer Sia has teamed up with French ballet brand Repetto on a new capsule collection that matches her iconic hair.

The Chandelier pop star fused her signature strands into three styles for the dance shoe label, including a ballerina flat, dance slipper and oxford shoe, with each pair featuring a small replica of the large bow she ties into her onstage hairstyles.

According to a press release announcing the unique collaboration, which serves as Sia's debut fashion venture, the range was designed to “capture the spirit of everyone who lives to their own beat. Movement, dance, style and freedom are values shared by both, uniting this partnership.”

Part of the theme of the pieces captures Sia's personal motto, "I love you, keep going".

There are currently three Sophia style ballerina flats from Sia's new collection available for preorder on Repetto's website - one is all black while the other two pairs are two-toned in black and white. The ballerina shoes retail for $195 (£150) apiece.

Fans can purchase the rest of Sia's capsule collection items with Repetto when the full range officially becomes available on 25 February next year (19).

Choosing a dance shoe company as her first ever collaborative fashion partner isn't a surprise for many of her fans - Sia has often incorporated theatrical dance performances in her videos, helping to launching 15-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler's career.

The teenager, who often appears to be a young Sia in music promos, featured in the videos for the Australian star's hits Chandelier and Elastic Heart.