Kelly Rowland would “absolutely” collaborate with Stevie Wonder if the opportunity arose.

Kelly recently got to sing with the soul legend at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles as part of his 68th birthday celebrations, where Childish Gambino, Jessie J and Luke James also joined Stevie on stage.

Asked by Vogue Australia if they might one day team up musically, Kelly didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

“Absolutely,” she exclaimed. “If the opportunity presented itself, it would be very cool, especially given what he was talking about that night and the world, that’s what brought us all together, to celebrate love and push it back into the air, because there is so much going on in the world, so much that’s disappointing… It’s safe to be silent and I think now is no time to be silent: you have to stand up.”

Kelly is currently working on a new solo album, which will be her first since 2013’s Talk a Good Game.

She found opportunities to record in between her commitments on The Voice Australia, while Kelly also made time for a Destiny’s Child reunion alongside Beyonce and Michelle Williams at this year’s Coachella (18).

“Coachella was so much fun. The funny thing is, I told Delta (Goodrem). I think she was the only person I told, maybe Joe (Jonas, her The Voice co-judges) as I thought he might be there,” she grinned. “Coachella was so much fun. The best part was ‘the secret’, then seeing people’s reaction when it was such a surprise.

“We rehearsed like crazy. I would go back to LA and we would be in rehearsals. They were intense,” the Stole hitmaker added. “It was so much fun. When we finished I was sad, thank God Michelle and Bey were still in town, so I could still see them. It spoiled me all the time we were able to spend together, but that creative time is pretty remarkable when we are together. It really is. And we still love each other.”