Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Alex Rodriguez is reportedly a little green-eyed about her friendships with her ex-lovers.

The couple got together in March last year (17) after Jennifer’s fling with rapper Drake, and Alex’s split from Silicon Valley CEO Anne Wojcicki.

And according to editors at Reveal, while the pair appear to be loving life together, the 49-year-old singer/actress’ amicable relationships with her exes is the source of some tension.

“Alex is green with envy over Jennifer’s close friendships with her ex-boyfriends, and has told her he doesn’t want them in her life any longer,” a source told the magazine. “He can’t help but be jealous, and flips out every time he sees she’s been texting them.”

While the ex-New York Yankees baseball star is said to be understanding of her close relationship with ex-husband Marc Anthony, the father of her 10-year-old twins Max and Emme, he still reportedly thinks they are “too close”.

But he’s allegedly definitely not keen on the fact that Jennifer has rekindled her friendship with former fiancee Ben Affleck, from whom she split in 2004.

The Shades of Blue star previously compared the pain of their broken engagement in her memoir to having her heart “torn out of my chest”.

The two reportedly renewed contact after Ben split from his wife Jennifer Garner in 2015.

Jennifer’s closeness to her former beaus comes as the athlete-turned-sports pundit is said to be considering popping the question. But the presence of some of Jennifer’s exes on the big day is proving to be a sticking point for the groom.

“The thought of him saying his wedding vows in front of his wife-to-be exes doesn’t sit comfortably with Alex,” said the source.