Paris Jackson has pleaded with a former friend to leave her alone as she is frightened they are stalking her.

After attending Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday (21Jul18), Michael Jackson's 20-year-old daughter revealed on Instagram that her unnamed ex-pal's behaviour was scaring her - and compared them to a man who she was recently granted a temporary restraining order against.

Responding to fans' queries about a message in which Paris wrote that she'd blocked someone on the social media site who had failed to "get the message", and posted a tearful video outlining her fears.

"Some people are asking about this person that I commented about on Instagram earlier today about how she's stalking me for a while and just to be clear it's been years and I haven't talked s**t this entire time," the model and actress explained. "I've tried to be civil, I've tried to be nice, I tried to end things on a positive note. All I asked for is for them to leave me alone and we used to be friends, and that's why I tried to end it on a positive note because I did care about this person, but they just won't and I've begged and begged for them to leave me alone but they won't."

Paris recently had another stalker scare as earlier this month (Jul18) she won a temporary restraining order against Nicholas Lewis Stevens after he allegedly made repeated attempts to see her at a recording studio where she was working.

Comparing her estranged friend's behaviour to his, she added: "It's scary and they show a lot of behaviours, even more behaviours that are more scary than the stalker that I got a restraining order against and they just won't stop."

The starlet also urged fans to "stop believing" the "lies" of her unnamed acquaintance and repeated her call for them to "leave me alone".

Paris was reportedly left terrified last month when Nicholas accosted her outside the studio in Los Angeles. He allegedly told her he was "stalking" her and threatened to use a shotgun. The alleged stalker has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her and refrain from contacting her in any way pending a new hearing.