Mark Ronson has warned fans that his upcoming solo album will not be as upbeat as his last.

The British musician is the brains behind an array of chart classics, including Oh My God featuring Lily Allen, Valerie featuring Amy Winehouse and most famously Uptown Funk with Bruno Mars. Mark's 2016 album Uptown Special was lauded by critics and fans around the world following its release, but after going through a painful separation from his wife of nearly six-years Josephine de La Baume the following year, the 42-year-old explained his follow-up record will have a very different sound.

“It’s like a DJ break-up record. I’ve been through a lot of s**t in my life since then,” he told the London Evening Standard. “Nobody’s ever gonna come up to me and tell me that ‘Uptown Funk got me through a really difficult part of my life.’ There’s music that you go to when you need something to fill you emotionally, and there’s music you go to when you just wanna let loose and have a great time. My new record is probably in the former category.”

Mark - who has also produced music for the like of Adele, Christina Aguilera and Robbie Williams - recently launched his own record label, Zelig, and has additionally teamed up with Diplo to launch a joint project called Silk City, named after a diner and nightclub in Philadelphia where they first met.

However, the music act almost never came to be after Mark grew frustrated by the DJ's constant travelling.

“He’s running around in 700 countries, which drives me crazy because of my personality type. I’m so neurotic," he admitted. "I broke up the band twice before we’d even finished a lick of music, just through these petty texts going back and forth and me wanting to be in the studio all the time.”

Silk City are due to perform at British festival Bestival on 3 August (18).