Justin Bieber knew he'd found the perfect engagement ring because he could 'see Hailey Baldwin's face' in the diamond.

The 24-year-old singer popped the question to his supermodel girlfriend last Saturday (07Jul18) as the couple vacationed in the Bahamas, and took to Instagram to confirm the news himself two days later. Hailey, 21, has since been spotted wearing the elongated oval-shaped diamond ring, and in an interview with People, jeweller Jack Solow recalled the moment the Purpose hitmaker made the milestone purchase.

“I showed him all the details and all the intricacies like I would give any other 25-year-old (sic) boy who would come to the office to buy an engagement ring,” he told the publication. “He seemed really excited. He was looking inside the diamond with the loupe (magnifying glass), and said ‘I think I see Hailey’s face.’”

Jack had a “few weeks” to make the 6 to 10 carat sparkler which, according to TMZ, cost the star approximately $500,000 (£380,000). And as extravagant as the jewel is, Justin's biggest priority was selecting a piece that perfectly complimented his bride-to-be.

“In the end, Justin wanted something that would gracefully accentuate Hailey’s beautifully-shaped hands. We settled on an oval stone that was just exceptional in its length and grace. Look at her hands — she’s exquisite,” the diamond expert smiled.

The Love Yourself songwriter sought the services of New York based Solow & Co. after receiving a recommendation from his manager Scooter Braun, and took to Twitter on Wednesday (11Jul18) to show his gratitude to the family-run jewellers.

"Thank you @solowco (ring emoji)," he posted.

After the mammoth purchase, Jack decided to give the couple an early wedding present of sorts by donating $5,000 (£3,809) to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Fund - the breast cancer charity set up in honour of Hailey's late grandmother.