Liam Payne has no plans to take his son on tour, because he would never want to interfere in the mother-baby bond the child has with his ex, Cheryl.

The One Direction star has been balancing his solo career with his family life ever since baby Bear was born last year (17), and although he and singer Cheryl are no longer together, Liam suggests he is happy to let his boy live with his mum until the tot is a little older.

"Babies want their mum; I would never have wanted to get in the way of that," Liam tells "It was actually easier to go out on the road just knowing he wanted his mum. Now he looks at me and points at me like, 'Here's this fun guy!' He knows."

However, the Strip That Down hitmaker admits Bear's growing sense of recognition is making it harder to jet off for work, and he is dreading the day Bear starts crying when he sees his dad heading out the door.

"That makes me more upset now, leaving, because I know he'll want to see me," Liam says. "But he's not at the place yet where he's crying when I leave; that's gonna be absolute disaster; I'm not ready for that."

Liam and Cheryl had been together for just a few months in 2016 when the former Girls Aloud bandmember discovered she was pregnant, and they welcomed Bear in March, 2017.

Liam, 24, insists he "always wanted to be a young dad", but when he was a kid, he didn't think he would be travelling the world, playing shows, while also juggling fatherhood duties.

"I didn't really expect that I'd ever be in this place," he shares.

"When I'm at home, I'm a dad. Then when I (work), I see all these crazy things. I've been going by Dada Montana," Liam quips, referencing the double life Miley Cyrus' title character led in her hit show Hannah Montana.

However, the British pop hunk misses not spending time with his boy, because he changes every day.

"It's been very hard, being away, being out on the road," Liam says. "It just goes by so quickly... I look at him, like, 'Where's my little baby gone already?' He's walking around the house, pretending his teddy's a phone. He's awesome. And a lot of fun. I love spending time with him."