Rapper G-Eazy had been working on new music with his singer girlfriend Halsey just days before their split.

The Closer hitmaker took to Instagram on Tuesday (03Jul18) to confirm their year-long romance was over, but it appears G-Eazy had not been anticipating the break-up as four days earlier, he gushed about his then-girlfriend in an interview with Billboard.com.

Asked if the pair had plans for further joint projects following the success of their Him and I collaboration, he revealed, "We were just in the studio the other night and we made a couple records."

"She's one of the most talented people in music," G-Eazy smiled. "I tell her this all the time, like, 'There's only like six of you on the planet that are this good.' And she's really rare! It's just dope (cool)...

"I love collaborating but when you get to collaborate with the person you're in love with and share this experience of making a song and performing a song, and the person you're sharing it with is that (talented)... that's really dope."

The No Limit star went on to tease the material they had been working on.

"It's a vibe," he said. "Me and her (sic) are storytellers and when we write, it's really like painting a picture and characters... the mood. It's definitely that."

However, G-Eazy admitted working with Halsey wasn't always a smooth process: "I mean, we challenge each other," he explained. "We challenge each other in good ways, and we both want each other to win. At the end of the day, that's the most important thing and we look out for each other."

He has yet to comment on the couple's separation, which was made public while he was preparing to head back to the U.S. from Europe, but G-Eazy returned to the stage in New York's Central Park on Friday (06Jul18) for a live performance on breakfast show Good Morning America.

The rapper made no mention of his love woes during the short set, but the split hasn't put him off playing their Him and I track as he used the song to close out the show.

Halsey hasn't elaborated on the reason for the couple's break-up, but after deleting many of her previous photos of G-Eazy from her Instagram page on Tuesday, she declared the pair was "taking some apart".

"I wish him the best," she added. "Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time."