Singer John Legend has been jokingly invoiced by his own wife Chrissy Teigen after recruiting the supermodel to promote his new rose wine on her social media accounts.

The All of Me hitmaker announced the latest addition to his Legend Vineyards Exclusive wine collection on Thursday (21Jun18), the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, by sharing a snap of the bottle online.

"So excited to finally present to you something we've been working on for a while: my new @lve_wines Rose!," he captioned the Instagram image. "It's the first day of the #SummerOfLVE. Celebrate by ordering our new rose at"

John then had Chrissy help to spread the word on her page, and she agreed - before teasing him by having her modelling representatives send over the cost of such an endorsement campaign.

The beauty, who also co-hosts hit TV show Lip Sync Battle, then detailed the whole exchange on Instagram as she advertised the new rose to her 18.1 million followers.

"my husband, John, asked me to post this because I have a much bigger social following than him," she wrote. "He said just something short and to the point. I said 'ok john!' then had my agents follow up with a comprehensive pricing list. did he want me to keep this up for just today? a week? forever? did he want me to take a photo *with* the product, or simply the product alone? who is the photographer you are sending over? or are we using an outside location?"

"these are important questions in an Instagram deal and a marriage," Chrissy continued. "while I will not discuss the terms of our agreement (I legally cannot) I will say that my husband, John, has been working on this rose for a very long time and it is delightful. really."

She went on to troll her husband by adding, "you can drink it with fish, chicken, broccoli, candy, Chinese food, cereal, chili, corn, hot dogs, rice, anything, out of a glass, bowl, pitcher, ladle, cupped hands, hat. It can be stored in the fridge, on a dining table, a counter, in a cabinet, an end table, really wherever you want!"

"congratulations, John!!!," she concluded, as she remembered to post the link so fans could check out the product for themselves.

John, who, in comparison, has 8.5 million followers on his Instagram page, has yet to comment on the cheeky post, but he clearly approved of her quirky advertising methods as he 'liked' the image.

He is used to becoming the butt of Chrissy's jokes online, and was even teased about how much he resembles cartoon aardvark Arthur Read in another of her hilarious captions on Wednesday (20Jun18), when she shared a picture of their daughter Luna, two, holding a cuddly Arthur toy.

"Luna and daddy," she wrote beside the shot.

She then revealed a little history about the toy, and made a quip at John's expense.

"This is my childhood Arthur doll. My mom has kept it all this time," she explained. "Maybe I've been attracted to Arthur my whole life and now I found my real life human one".

The remark elicited a stunned response from John, who simply replied, "Wow".

The couple wed in 2013 and recently welcomed its second child, a son named Miles.