Pop star Sinitta was allegedly sexually assaulted by six men in the music industry.

The So Macho singer made the revelation in an interview with British newspaper the Daily Mirror, ahead of the launch of her video book, Who Put The Sin In Sinitta, which looks set to address the claims in a series of 60 videos.

The allegations, which date back to 1985, include one attack by a singer Sinitta had admired since she was a child, and two others at the hands of theatre stars during the songstress' early career in musicals. Another ordeal occurred just two years ago, where a millionaire reportedly grabbed her and tried to force his tongue down her throat.

After years of silence, the 54-year-old paid testament to the #MeToo anti-harassment campaign, which formed in the wake of assault claims against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, for helping her find the courage to speak out.

But she claims others in the industry view her as “public enemy number one” for “snitching” on them, leaving her scared to speak up for fear of reprisals.

“I was afraid to speak out as I didn’t want to end up in somebody’s car boot. These men are all powerful people," she told the Daily Mirror. “I’m talking now as I don’t want any more girls and women in the industry to have to go through what I did.”

The mum-of-two also commended close friend and former flame Simon Cowell for his ongoing support, sharing that the music mogul had encouraged her to go public and had even confronted two of her attackers in the past.

Following one assault, which occurred while Sinitta holidayed at Simon's mansion on the French Riviera, the TV personality allegedly told the man to “keep his f**king hands off” her.

Who Put The Sin In Sinitta launches at Sinitta.com from 22 June (18).