Dua Lipa's boyfriend Isaac Carew is adamant he hasn't cheated.

The British model and chef was caught getting cosy with another woman at a London nightclub on Tuesday (12June18), the same day the New Rules hitmaker posted a series of cryptic Tweets about letting go of "toxic people".

But on Wednesday the singer's beau took to Instagram to insist the claims are false, reassuring fans the "happy" pair are very much still on.

"I wouldnt (sic) want you to think that Dua is in a relationship with someone who doesnt (sic) love and respect her. She wouldn’t stand for it," he wrote underneath an image of the couple pouting at the camera. "Both Dua and I have fallen into the hands of tabloids causing drama and linking us to different people when there is simply nothing there."

The culinary master was caught dancing closely with an unnamed woman on the dancefloor of G-A-Y Late nightclub in video footage obtained by The Sun Online. The clips show him holding the woman's waist and whispering in her ear, while an image appears to show him leaning in for a smooch.

But Isaac maintains the footage has been "shown in a bad light."

"There was no kissing and im (sic) disappointed at myself for even dancing for a brief moment given the way it was portrayed," he explained. "It was a loud club and i was talking to her in her ear. Don’t believe everything you see because these people are paid to create drama."

He went on to reassure fans that the couple, who rekindled their three-year relationship in January (18), were "very happy being back together".

"We spent 3 and half years happily together with loyalty and love and we never broke up in the first place because we had problems like that we broke up because of scheduling conflicts and not being able to be together," he shared. "Luckily our skin is tougher and love is stronger than this."