Cardi B got played by betting giant Paddy Power when she took its 2018 FIFA World Cup advertisement at face value.

The pregnant rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday (12June18) to call out the England Til I Dye campaign, which features a seemingly spray-painted polar bear wandering across planes in Canada.

"The World Cup needs to cancel the team that Paddy Power is rooting for because the team they're rooting for (sic) they’re not doing nothing to stop the f**king Paddy Powers from freaking spray-painting polar bears," the former stripper ranted in an expletive-ridden video labelled: "Who is Paddy Power and why isn’t anyone paying attention to protecting an endangered species."

The I Like It singer continued: ‘Why don’t you spray paint your a**hole or why don’t you spray paint your kids to show support for your team, instead of doing it to beautiful white polar bears. I hate that s**t. I hate animal cruelty. F**k y’all."

However, the 25-year-old quickly discovered her anger had been misplaced, after fans drew her attention to Paddy Power's recent statement confirming the whole video was a hoax.

The betting company reassured viewers that the spray-paint had been computer generated and the firm is, in fact, working with conservation charity Polar Bears International to fund two research projects on the endangered species.

"It’s not even real look it up. It’s pretty great what computer can do nowadays," one fan wrote on Cardi's Instagram post, while another agreed: "It’s was fake guys there’s a whole video on it (sic)…paddy bear also funding polar bear international research project."

And when Cardi, real name Belcalis Almanzar, realised her mistake, she was quick to return to the social media platform to see the funny side.

Sharing the YouTube video explaining the campaign's 'secret', she wrote: "Paddy Power I’m gonna kill ya!!! So the whole time Paddy Power teamed up with Polar Bears International a organization to protect the pretty polar bears, all to help bring awareness to this cause!!! (sic)"