Kylie Minogue reportedly posted a snap of her kissing new beau Paul Solomons because she wanted to show the world she's in love again.

The petite singer has been dating GQ executive Paul since April and went Instagram official with the 43-year-old as she celebrated her 50th birthday celebrations last month (May18).

She uploaded a snap of a Polaroid, which caught Kylie gazing into Pauls' eyes, as they kissed.

"Kylie met Paul through mutual friends in February and they fell for each other extremely quickly - she's even admitted how she was head-over-heels just a week after their first meeting," an insider told Britain's Closer magazine. "She was so excited and posted the kissing snap to prove to the world that she was happy again after being so badly hurt."

While her friends and family are said to be over the moon for the blonde star, who split from fiance Joshua Sasse, 30, in February 2017, they've also allegedly urged her not to rush into a serious relationship and have advised her to take the romance slowly.

"They've told her to just focus on growing their relationship and enjoying being in the honeymoon period," the source added. "They know she's smitten, but they're also worried that Kylie doesn't know the ins and outs of Paul's relationship history and they just want her to keep her eyes firmly openly this time around."

But Kylie, whose exes include Olivier Martinez and Andres Velencoso, has apparently been talking about her future with Paul and is adamant her love life is different now.

"Kylie feels like she should be a relationship expert now given how much she's been through over the years. She says she refuses to give up hope that she'll find her Prince Charming," the insider said.

"She appreciates her friends showing how much they care by urging her to be cautious, but she insists she just has to go with her heart and hopes that, this time around, she has finally found her soulmate."