Ed Sheeran stopped two fans fighting during his stadium show in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday (03Jun18).

The Thinking Out Loud singer had paused his show in the city's Hampden Park to tell concertgoers a story when two brawling audience members caught his attention.

Footage filmed by a fan and posted on Twitter shows the 27-year-old star telling them that they "weren't meant to be angry" at a gig and should be "happy".

“Shake hands and make friends. If I see you fighting again you're leaving,” he added.

Ed said the fan fall out ended amicably, as they were "chill", but warned them that he would be keeping an eye on them from the stage.

During the same gig, the British singer-songwriter also helped a couple get engaged, when a fan proposed to his girlfriend while the musician was performing his romantic hit Photograph.

Describing the moment on Twitter, an onlooker wrote: "Cherry on top of a very amazing cake last night was the fact a couple got engaged behind us and me and my mum were actual ballin (crying) our eyes out."

Ed's U.K. tour hasn't been without controversy, as thousands of ticketholders who bought from resale sites have been refused entry unless they buy a new ticket at face value. His promoters have cancelled tickets sold via certain websites in a bid to tackle touts - but fans have complained about having to shell out before pursuing companies for a refund.

However, his manager Stuart Camp has praised the move, which is estimated to have cost resale sites and touts around $1.34 million (£1 million).

"This isn't the end of our crackdown on touts," he told Scotland's Daily Record newspaper. "It's the beginning."