Elton John simultaneously told jokes and played the piano when he recorded with Clean Bandit.

The British band, made up of Grace Chatto and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson, bagged studio time with the singing legend a few years ago.

The track is set to feature on the band’s upcoming second album, and cello playing Grace has recalled what it was like recording with Elton.

“Yes, a couple of years ago (we worked with Elton),” she said to Britain’s OK! magazine. “He was so funny! He sat down at the piano and didn’t playing for the whole day, just constant ideas flowing. He was telling loads of jokes at the same time.”

The group have become known for their collaborations, and have also worked with Sean Paul, Jess Glynne and most recently Demi Lovato on new track Solo.

The song was released on 18 May (18) and reached the top 10 in music charts around the world.

“It was great working with Demi,” Grace smiled. “The song’s quite empowering. It’s about missing your ex but also about finding your own strength and deciding you're going to be on your own. It has a Middle Eastern/ Bollywood sound to the strings. On Britney Spears’ single Toxic they got the same effect by mistake, after recording the violins too slow and then speeding them up. We did the same thing on Solo.”

And next up, it’s Stormzy’s turn to get the Clean Bandit treatment.

“I love him so much,” Grace gushed. “He’s very funny and great to talk to and he’s such a genius. The flow he was doing over the beat was maybe a bit of a new direction or him. It’s amazing."