Hip-hop star Cardi B had a rough time filming the music video for her song Be Careful because she couldn't stand the desert heat.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker, who is expecting her first child with her fiance Offset, teased fans about the release of her promo on Sunday, as she made her return to Instagram following a nine-day black out after clashing with fellow rapper Azealia Banks.

In video footage of herself walking down a street, she told fans, "Tomorrow my music video for Be Careful is gonna be out. I hope y'all enjoy it. It was one of the hardest videos I ever did because it was in the desert, like the middle of nowhere, and b**ch, I was so hot! My pregnant motherf**king a**!"

"I never sweat and I was sweating that day!" Cardi remarked, revealing she couldn't stay dry in her armpits and under her breasts.

Her video, directed by Jora Frantzis, debuted on YouTube on Monday (21May18), and features the star in a white wedding dress as she exchanges vows with a man in an isolated church, all while warning the groom to curb his cheating ways in the lyrics to her song.

The storyline then flips as Cardi is shown dressed head-to-toe in black, wearing a red wig, as she walks into the same church to attend her man's funeral, before driving off into the darkness.

The 25-year-old alerted fans to the video's release on Monday by sharing a preview of the clip on her reactivated Instagram profile, which had been completely wiped of all her old posts.

Cardi had temporarily logged off the photo-sharing site earlier this month (May18) after firing back at Banks for calling her an "illiterate, untalented rat" and a "caricature of a black woman" during a controversial interview on New York radio show The Breakfast Club.

Responding to the public criticism, Cardi took to Instagram and fumed, "I'm from the hood. I speak how I speak I am how I am (sic)..."

"The difference between you and me is that I've never pretended to be something I am not!" she added. "I've made it to where I am for being myself and staying true to that.

"I pray you find peace in your own heart and reason in your own mind! Pray for your own success before you pray for the downfall of others!"

She soon removed the lengthy post and then shut down her Instagram account.