Britney Spears overcomes her painful shyness by cutting loose and putting on fierce performances onstage.

The Toxic hitmaker insists she's not an outgoing person, despite her superstar status, and she takes the opportunity to work on her sheepishness by losing herself in the flamboyant character she creates whenever she is in front of a concert audience.

"I'm very sensitive and sometimes I just want to run away because I'm a very shy person," she told the Associated Press. "I think energy is contagious and when I get onstage with the dancers, we all kind of vibe off each other. We feel the same energy and we connect."

"I think it's healthy to be able to put on the persona of being confident," the singer added.

Mum-of-two Spears is also trying to address her personal insecurity issues by reading self-help books, but the 36-year-old is finding that performing continues to be her best outlet for overcoming her problems.

"I think it's an escape because honestly with how shy I really am, I don't think it's healthy," she shared. "(Performing is) a boost to my confidence. It's like an alter-ego type thing. Something clicks and I go and turn into this different person. I think it's kind of a gift to be able to do that."

Britney is currently putting on concerts as part of her international Britney Spears: Piece of Me Tour, with the star heading to Asia in June, before returning to the U.S. in July to wrap up the 42-date series in Austin, Texas in October (18).