Rapper Cardi B is refusing to stand for criticism of her "ghetto" way of speaking, insisting haters should just leave her alone.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker, who hails from the Bronx in New York City, is known for speaking her mind in video posts on social media, but she has become fed up of people pointing out her broken English, because it's the language she's used all her life.

Taking to Twitter on Friday (11May18), Cardi lashed out at her detractors, claiming they are only pressuring her to improve her grammar because she is a woman.

"Why is it that male rappers can speak how they want act how they want but people constantly bash me for it (sic)," the pregnant star asked. "Why do i feel like i have to apologize for being who i am ?talking how i talk and being what ya call 'Ghetto' wtff (what the f**k) .LEAVE ME ALONE (sic)!"

Although Cardi, who has Spanish and Trinidadian roots, couldn't care less about what people think of her speaking voice, she recently admitted she gets tongue-tied in the studio when she's recording new music, because she wants to make sure everything she's saying is properly pronounced.

"I don't got the best English in the world (sic), so sometimes I really got to ask somebody, 'Does this make sense? Would this make sense?' - because I will probably use the words... that they don't even supposed to go there (sic)," Cardi told GQ.

"That's my biggest problem. That takes me a long time in the booth. I be trying to pronounce words properly and without an accent (sic). Each and every song from my album, I most likely did it over five times, because I'm really insecure about my accent when it comes to music. In person, I don't care."