Cardi B has warned those trying to start "beef" with her to watch what happens once she's had her baby.

The Bodak Yellow rapper performed at the Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C. over the weekend (28-29Apr18) and took the opportunity to address the new feuds that have arisen since she announced she was expecting a child with her fiancee, Migos star Offset.

"Yes, b**ch, we gon' beef forever," she said. "Ever since I got pregnant, all of a sudden I've got this new beef. Every day b**ches got something to say... Wait 'til I drop this baby, what's good? B**ches was talking crazy, watch when I drop this baby."

The 25-year-old didn't specify who she was referring to, but she has recently been embroiled in a feud with Nicki Minaj, who revealed earlier in April that she felt disrespected by Cardi when she said the final version of Nicki's verse in MotorSport, their collaboration with Migos, was different to the original recording.

It is not known if Nicki was responding to Cardi onstage comments when she posted a message on Instagram which read, "Be careful who you play with, everybody ain't playing..."

The Broccoli City Festival marked Cardi's final performance before giving birth and she admitted to the crowd that she was struggling, saying, "I'm not even gonna lie, y'all, I'm on 10 percent".

She also suffered a minor scare backstage when the golf cart she was sitting in almost flipped over. Video footage obtained by shows a large security guard sitting on the back of the cart as it was about to pull away, forcing the front wheels to lift off the ground. The guard eventually stood back and the cart made it to the stage without incident.

The hip-hop star announced last week that she would be cancelling a string of summer performances in a candid Instagram video, revealing that she could barely breathe.