Liam Payne's one-year-old son is struggling to walk because he's so "massive".

The former One Direction star welcomed baby Bear with girlfriend Cheryl in March 2017, and frequently opens up about his life as a father in press interviews. Liam recently spoke to Popbuzz about his little boy, and admitted he's constantly amazed by just how big the tot has become.

"He's massive now... where's my baby gone?" the 24-year-old singer laughed. "Everyone comes over and is like: 'Your child's massive.' I don't know what we feed him, I don't know what she's (Cheryl's) doing."

And Bear's size is having an impact on him developmentally, as Liam admitted: "He's not walking because when kids are bigger they struggle to get their core balance quicker because he's so tall he's like lanky and he gets really frustrated."

Becoming a father has entirely changed Liam's life, and despite Bear making his big entrance over a year ago, he still looks back fondly on his arrival. And hinting that Bear was bottle fed from birth, Liam explained he loved getting to have some one-on-one time with the baby after he was born.

Recalling the magical moment, Liam said: "Seeing the birth of your child is the most proud moment you can ever have. It's also the craziest and like mixed emotions you'll ever feel.

"It was insane but you can just remember every minute of it. There's a lot of things that are kind of blurry but that one's like straight in there. And then you can just remember being in the waiting room afterwards just holding him feeding him a little milk after he's just been born."