Dua Lipa is constantly fighting against the misconception that she "hates men".

The 22-year-old singer has become known for putting across a message of female empowerment in her hit songs, which have included Hotter Than Hell and New Rules. And while she's proud to be a role model for such a worthy cause, Dua has found members of the opposite sex frequently accuse her of "hating" them.

"A lot of men come up to me and say, 'You really hate men, don't you?'," Dua told Teen Vogue magazine. "That's a total misconception. Some of the songs are unfiltered, and I don't hold back."

Dua also hates the fact that when women sing about men, they are either deemed to hate men or to be boy crazy - with nothing in the middle. And that's something she hopes to change with her musical offerings.

"I think gender norms are definitely a massive rule that should be broken," she said.

Since shooting to fame, Dua has become one of the hottest young stars in the music industry. However, this has sparked a newfound interest in her personal life, which she often struggles to deal with.

On balancing her fame with privacy, Dua explained: "It's me taking social media breaks or trying not to speak about my personal life. I wish I had a bit more of a filter, but it's a big part of the music I put out."

And it's her music that's proving such a hit with fans, who are loving her mix of honesty and sassiness. When it comes to her plans for the future, Dua added she's hopeful she can continue in the music industry for many years to come.

"I would love to keep doing this and keep being really honest," she smiled. "I want to keep not being afraid of my own thoughts."