John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are "sworn to secrecy" over the identity of the actress who bit Beyonce at a party last year (17), because they weren't actually in attendance.

Comedienne Tiffany Haddish recently told GQ all about the private December (17) drama, which reportedly took place at an all-star bash Beyonce and her husband JAY-Z had thrown in Los Angeles to celebrate the end of the rap mogul's 4:44 Tour.

"There was this actress there (at the party), that's just, like, doing the mostest (acting in an over-the-top manner)," the Girls Trip star told the publication. "She bit Beyonce in the face."

Tiffany didn't name the culprit, prompting fans to wildly speculate on social media, and model Chrissy fuelled interest in the celebrity scandal last week (27Mar18) by claiming to know who the person was.

"Listen, I think we've all done things under the influence," the pregnant beauty told breakfast show Today. "It's not who I thought (it was), I will say (that). The problem is I love everybody involved, so I'm like 'zip'. You know I share everything... It's so hard."

Now her husband John has explained they promised not to out the biter to the friend who let them in on the juicy secret.

"We weren't there, but we know people who were there," the singer told New York radio show The Breakfast Club. "We know what happened... Chrissy knew before I knew, she told me and we're sworn to secrecy."

"She told me in person," John said, before joking, "She didn't want any electronic record!"

Multiple reports suggest Sanaa Lathan was the actress Haddish had been referring to, even though she was among the first stars to brush off the suggestion via Twitter. Actresses Sara Foster and Lena Dunham have also denied any links to the controversy.