Zane Lowe played the World Record of Sigrid’s new single, ‘I Don’t Want to Know’, on his Beats 1 show and chatted to the pop princess about the record. During the interview Sigrid talks about how Fleetwood Mac and The War on Drugs influenced the new single, working in the studio, and writing an homage to growing up.

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On new single ‘I Don’t Want to Know’...
I'm really excited about releasing this song. It's definitely different than what I've been releasing before but I think this one shows even more what type of music that I love. So yeah it’s very exciting.

On the track's influences...
To be honest maybe The War on Drugs. I've been listening a lot to them for the past one or two years, so that has influenced me. Also, it doesn't sound like Fleetwood Mac at all but definitely the songwriting maybe, I don't know. Lots of those things have inspired me a lot for this song.

On who she worked with for the song and the personal nature of the song...
I was working with Jamie Hartman in Bergen. It was very fun because it was the first time he was there in the studio, Jamie’s and it was a studio I've been working a lot in, but it’s basically just us playing around with the piano and that's always how I write it. But yeah this one is a bit harder but then again I look at the song as kind of a homage to growing up. All the good fights off it and the bad fights off it and you know that whole thing with like growing up and figuring out things. So it was really nice writing about it.

On what’s next for her in 2018...
What's on the rise? Now, we're touring a lot. We are on a UK tour which is very exciting. I'm working on new music, that's very exciting. Spending a lot of time in the studio and traveling a lot…Still working on it [the record]. That’s the only thing, when do you finish things? I think I'm kind of a perfectionist. So for me, I finish when we've delivered the master and it's like OK there's nothing more to now. It's a very exciting process. I'm having a really good time with it. Spending a lot of time in the studio.

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