Breakout R&B star SZA was "mad as hell" to be shut out of the 2018 Grammy Awards after landing five top nominations.

The Weekend singer walked into January's (18) New York prizegiving as the most-nominated female artist of the night, but she failed to pick up a single trophy - and SZA's fans weren't the only ones left fuming.

"I was mad as hell for a little while," she tells

The 27-year-old decided to ditch the Grammy afterparties and headed straight back to her hotel suite with her mother and grandmother, choosing instead to numb her feelings by getting high.

"I smoked a bunch of blunts, showed Granny the penthouse I was staying in," she recalls. "My mum hung for a bit and then she went to bed! So that was cool."

SZA didn't log on to social media for a while after music's big night, so she was stunned when she learned fellow singer Alessia Cara, who had beaten her to the Best New Artist Grammy Award, had to defend her win following a backlash from social medial users.

"I never looked at anything anyone ever said after that online - not once," she says. "The only time I ever heard about it was in person, when someone walked up to me and was like, 'You were robbed' or whatever the f**k. I was like, 'I feel you.' My home girl actually showed me Alessia's post and I thought, 'This is really crazy'."

Cara was criticised for having been entered into the Best New Artist category because she released her debut album, Know-It-All, in 2015, but the negative tweets only made SZA feel terrible for her, especially as she is a huge fan.

"I really, really f**k with Alessia Cara... she deserves every accolade that she gets," the star explains.

SZA has since come to terms with her first Grammys experience, and confesses the rollercoaster ride of emotions has made her realise how "blessed" she is.

"This is something much bigger than me and a f**king trophy," she continues. "I'm appreciative of the opportunity. But s**t happens."

"I didn't make my album with the Grammys in mind, and I'm definitely not gonna make my second one with the Grammys in mind," SZA adds. "I'm just gonna make really good f**king music and just try to touch people."