Country star Kacey Musgraves has slammed a Twitter follower online for his "chauvinistic rape-culture mentality" after criticising the singer for calling out an aggressive male concert-goer.

The newlywed Follow Your Arrow hitmaker vented about an overbearing male fan on social media on Sunday (18Feb18), when she shared video footage of herself walking through the crowd after a Saturday night gig in Toledo, Ohio.

In the short clip, a man can be seen reaching out and grabbing hold of her arm as she passes by with security officials, with a visibly annoyed Kacey shouting, "Ow! Stop that!".

"A**HAT ALERT: this guy grabbed onto me hard, shook my arm, and wouldn't let me go," she captioned the post.

She then made a quip about having to arm herself to fight off overzealous devotees, adding, "Guess I'm gonna have to start carrying a rolled up newspaper out there with me."

While many of her Twitter followers expressed their anger at the unidentified man's aggressive behaviour, one person claimed it wasn't much to get worked up about.

"Grow up Kacey, it was for a split second," the guy commented, prompting Kacey to fire back at the ill-advised remark.

"I come up & hit your b**ls w/ (with) a sharp ice pick - you fine with it tho (sic) it's for a 'split second'?" the musician raged.

The 29-year-old then made it clear she didn't want the critic among her 451,000 Twitter followers.

"You chastise + complain about me calling out a man who physically domineered me," Kacey continued. "PLEASE unfollow me and PLEASE seek immediate counseling for your chauvinistic rape-culture mentality."

But the male refused to give up, replying, "It happens all the time at concerts."

"My god," a shocked Kacey responded. "But really tho (sic). Whoever you are - you're seriously mentally imbalanced. Just because something 'happens all the time' doesn't mean it's ok. You shouldn't have to learn basic life stuff like this from the internet."

"Anyway, I'm done," she added, concluding her rant. "Your 15 mins (of fame) are now over."

Kacey's Twitter clash occurred as the Time's Up and #MeToo movements to end sexual misconduct continue to dominate headlines, after celebrities like movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, filmmaker James Toback, actors Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven, Ed Westwick, and Geoffrey Rush, and music boss Charlie Walk were all accused of behaving inappropriately over the years.