Singer Jhene Aiko has insisted she never cheated on an ex-boyfriend with her rapper beau Big Sean after detailing the start of their relationship in a recent radio interview.

The star caused a stir online after appearing on BBC Radio 1Xtra on Monday (12Feb18), when she revealed the couple, which only officially embarked on a romance in 2016, actually enjoyed its first date back in 2013, when the musicians worked together on Big Sean's tracks I'm Gonna Be and Beware.

Jhene explained she was technically involved with another guy at the time, but as they were on the verge of split, she decided to take Big Sean up on his offer to attend a basketball game together.

"He (Sean) wanted to take me out on a date," she recalled. "I had a boyfriend, but I still went... just as a friend. I had never been courtside to a game and he's cool. I told my boyfriend, 'I'm gonna go to this game...'"

"We didn't break up because of Sean," the singer continued. "We broke up for other reasons, 'cause he was married secretly. I didn't know. He was married to his baby's mother. They hadn't been together, but he wouldn't give her a divorce."

Despite detailing the reason for her split with the unnamed boyfriend on air, Jhene drew criticism on social media amid claims of her infidelity, as her remarks about the basketball date were quickly taken out of context.

After spotting one "negative spirited tweet" about herself, Jhene decided to address the controversy directly online.

Referring to the unidentified ex's secret marital status, she wrote, "the whole year and a half we were together*i found out and we began to seperate... he moved out of my apt (apartment), we stopped speaking... and then i went to (a) basketball game w/ (with) a friend. even tho we werent speaking, i called my then boyfriend and let him know i was going because im considerate lol (laugh out loud) (sic)."

She went on to insist her first outing with Big Sean was strictly platonic: "after the game... i went home...," she shared. "there was no sucking,f**king,kissing, hand holding or sexting that followed."

Jhene's brother, Miyagi, died from a brain tumour just two months later, during which she "remained single" so she could prioritise raising her daughter Namiko, from a previous relationship, and recording new material.

"sorry to dissappoint (sic) yet again," she added, "but me and sean remained platonic friends through out (sic)..."

The artists only reconnected in 2016 as they formed the musical duo TWENTY88, with Jhene eventually splitting from her then-husband, producer Dot Da Genius, and moving on with Sean.

Concluding her Twitter session with a piece of advice for fans, she declared, "it's been my pleasure sharing with u (sic) guys!! but let's try in 2018 to gossip less and talk and listen to eachother (sic) more!! it would do a world of wonders for the entire human race".