This morning on Heart London Breakfast, host Emma Bunton discussed the Spice Girls reunion with her co-host Jamie Theakston.

Emma spoke about the last time all of the band were together in one room, hanging the venue of their meeting due to press speculation and what brought them back together and what’s coming next.

On the last time everyone was together in one room…

JT: Do you know what this country needs right now? That is a Spice Girls reunion.
EB: I’ve been here all this time and you’re just asking me!
JT: I want you guys on the roof of Buckingham Palace, waving that Union Jack.
EB: Woohoo!
JT: Some sort of Brexit concert, I don’t know. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
EB: Wouldn’t that be amazing.
JT: I can’t tell you how excited the world is after you posted those photos on Friday.
EB: It’s been a crazy, crazy, mad weekend. Friday was extra special.
JT: So when was the last time that all five of you were in a room together?
EB: Since the Olympics.
JT: Wow. Nearly six years ago.
EB: I know. So it’s a long time. Obviously, we’ve seen each other individually, but actually all together in one room was at the Olympics. It was just like, Friday, we thought we would all catch up, everyone was in town, let’s do this, let’s catch up. But I don’t think any of us were expecting, we had such a lovely afternoon. We sat down, we had lunch together, we sat round.

On changing the venue of their sit down due to press speculation…

EB: At first, actually, it was supposed to be at a hotel. But the morning of the meeting there was quite a lot of press speculation and we thought oh, maybe we need to go somewhere a bit more private. Geri’s was the nearest so we were like, “We’re coming to yours.”
JT: Well that didn’t work did it!
EB: I know! But we headed to Geri’s and we all just had such a lovely time.

On what happened when they all came together for the first time since 2012…

EB: We reminisced about the old times, we were talking about the kids, it was lovely. And then we all sat around Geri’s table and we got takeaway in, got sushi and some salads and drank tea and a little bit of prosecco, and it was just so lovely to see everyone. I loved it, really good fun.
JT: I also notice that in the 20 years that Victoria’s head position has rotated from 2 o’clock to 10 o’clock. Is that something that she’s been working on?
EB: And mine! I always do the little head tilt!

On what brought them back together…

JT: So last year, three of you were really keen, two of you not so keen. What was it about the £10 million that made them change their minds?
EB: Oh ha ha ha. No, again, being together and figuring things out, there’s lot of opportunities for us especially right now, needing a bit of girl power in the world.

On what’s next for the Spice Girls reunion, and rushing to pick their kids up from school…

JT: Do we know what form it’s going to take? Is there going to be recording? Is there going to be a tour?
EB: Not yet. The main thing was that we sat together and have gone, “Right, there’s things, there’s opportunities here, are we all in?” So exciting things to come. What that is yet, we need another kind of sit down, because we were chatting for hours and then we were like, “Oh we’ve got to pick the kids up! Quick!” It was hilarious because I was there and obviously got pictured coming out, lots of paparazzi and then the next minute I’m sitting in a church hall in Barnet and I’m waiting for my sons. He got his little certificate for his disco dancing!
JT: That was the big thing of the day.
EB: That was the big thing of the day! Tate getting highly commended in street dance.

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