Producer Naughty Boy has divulged that Cheryl is in "a good place" ahead of her musical comeback.

The Call My Name singer has stepped away from the spotlight since she and her former One Direction star partner Liam Payne welcomed a son named Bear in March last year (17).

But during an appearance on U.K. talk show Lorraine on Wednesday (31Jan18), Cheryl's producer Naughty, real name Shahid Khan, shared that his colleague is excited to be working on new music again.

"I feel like she's her own entity, think of the success she's had," he said. "She's in a good place, I feel she can come back and people are wanting to hear, 'Oh, what is Cheryl going to do next?'"

He added that Cheryl was a "lovely girl" and explained that although he had produced her 2012 collaboration with, titled Craziest Things, they actually only met in person for the first time recently - though they immediately hit it off and wrote a song together.

"We met recently and we wrote a song, a great song for her album and I'm really happy with it," the 33-year-old smiled. "We're finishing it later today actually."

Cheryl has taken on the bulk of parental duties looking after 10-month-old Bear, as Liam has been launching his solo career.

Speaking to Us Weekly in October, Liam, 24, revealed it was difficult being away from his child while on the road and that his 34-year-old girlfriend was looking after their son.

"He's going to stay with his mum until we really figure out what we're doing," he stated. "It's going to be difficult. It's hard being away, but time differences with babies and stuff - it's really hard on them. I don't want to drag him around the world for, you know, just for my sanity. We'll do it when the time's right."

Cheryl is yet to confirm a release date for her new music.