Julie Adenuga interviewed Dan from Bastille on Beats 1 today via apple.co/julie. Here are some key quotes from the interview discussing wanting to collaborate with Sia and Rihanna, performing with an orchestra in 2018 and details on the band’s new album.

On collaborating with Sia and Rihanna...
“I really want to collaborate with Sia, I really want to collaborate with her. I really really want to collaborate with her. I do quite a bit of writing outside of the band as well, so there’s a lot of people I want to write with. I love writing pop music, so yeah we’ll see. Sia’s just an interesting one of a kind, I’d love to write with her. That’d be cool. And obviously Rihanna. We’re debating at the moment, there’s a song on the album that I would love her to sing on and I’m like, ‘is it worth asking?’ Because I know it’s going to get knocked back.”

On Bastille's plans for 2018 including performing with an orchestra...
“We’re going to tour a bit but not as much as we normally have I think. I just want to release loads of music, we’ve got this mixtape, we’ve got the album, I’ve got this tune with Craig [David] at the moment and this song ‘World’s Gone Mad’ that’s in the movie. I am just obsessed really, I just want to get stuff out...In April we’re doing a tour where we completely rearrange our songs with a string section, a brass section and a gospel choir. We’re doing a date at the Royal Albert Hall, so yeah it’s just quite a nice way to completely reinterpret our songs and flip them on their heads, we did it last year in April for a charity show and it was literally like one of my favourite things we’ve ever done.”

On their upcoming album...
“It’s concise, it’s an apocalyptic party album, I want it to be really really exciting and uplifting but like devastatingly sad at the same time. I wanted to make an album that, because our last record sort of kind of dwelled a little bit, on how the world feels at the moment. Not in an epic way, just really in like a how do you respond when you turn the TV on and everything seems like it’s falling apart. And so I think basically if the last album was like the red pill, or the blue pill or whatever, if that was like choosing to know, this one is like shutting the curtains, having a wicked night out with your mates basically.”